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Montezuma Castle National Monument - Montezuma Castle Upper Floor
Keet Seel at Navajo National Monument

Ancient Dwellings of the Southwest Virtual Tour on CDROM
Explore Hidden Alcoves, Structures, and Passages
Rarely Seen by the Public

Explore the largest collection of ancient dwellings 360 degree panoramas ever assembled -- Over 200 panoramic views are included, with interpretive text, interactive maps, and bonus features.

Includes Mesa Verde
Centennial Sites
Centennial edition panoramas from non-publicly accessible areas of Mesa Verde National Park are revealed, including Oak Tree House, Spring House, Mug House, Fire Temple, and New Fire Temple!

Includes a Rare Look at the Inside of Montezuma Castle
National Park Service granted us permission to access and photograph the interior of this cliff dwelling. View the passages, rooms, and alcoves of Montezuma Castle!

Pan and zoom to explore each panorama! Travel through the parks using the interactive maps and images on this Virtual Tour! Plays on your computer. Mac and PC compatible.

360 Degrees of Ancient Dwellings of the Southwest - Virtual Tour on CDROM

Explore amazing and diverse ancient ruin sites such as...
Passageways in Montezuma Castle Cermeonial Cave at Bandelier
Passageways in Montezuma Castle Cermeonial Cave at Bandelier
Keet Seel at Navajo Abo Kiva at Salinas Pueblo Missions
Keet Seel at Navajo Abo Kiva at Salinas Pueblo Missions
Balcony House at Mesa Verde Nankoweap at Grand Canyon
Balcony House at Mesa Verde Nankoweap at Grand Canyon

Included on the Ancient Dwellings CDROM:

Aztec Ruins National Monument
     + West Rooms
     + Kiva
     + East Rooms
     + Overview
     + Great Kiva
Bandelier National Monument
     + Tsankawi
     + Tsankawi Cave Dwellings
     + Frijoles Canyon: Alcove House Overview
     + Frijoles Canyon: Alcove House Kiva
     + Frijoles Canyon: Long House
     + Frijoles Canyon: Talus Houses (3 views)
     + Frijoles Canyon: Tyuonyi
Casa Grande Ruins National Monument

     + West Wall
     + Great House
     + Overview
     + Corner Rooms
Chaco Culture National Historical Park
     + Pueblo Bonito: North Rooms
     + Pueblo Bonito: Plaza
     + Pueblo Bonito: Backwall
     + Pueblo Bonito: Fallen Rocks
     + Pueblo Bonito: Side Rooms
     + Pueblo Bonito: East Rooms
     + Chetro Ketl: Back Rooms
     + Chetro Ketl: Large Kiva
     + Chetro Ketl: Small Kivas
     + Hungo Pavi: Back Wall
     + Hungo Pavi: East Rooms
     + New Alto: Overview
     + New Alto: Side Rooms
     + Casa Chiquita
     + Kin Kletso
     + Pueblo Bonito Overlook
     + Pueblo Alto Overview
     + Pueblo del Arroyo: South Rooms
     + Pueblo del Arroyo: North Rooms
     + Pueblo del Arroyo: Overview
     + Pueblo del Arroyo: Tri-Walled Structure
     + Casa Rinconada: South Pueblo
     + Casa Rinconada: West Pueblo
     + Casa Rinconada: Great Kiva
     + Casa Rinconada: Solstice View
     + Una Vida
Canyon de Chelly National Monument
     + Mummy Cave
     + First Ruin (2 views)
     + Junction Ruin
     + Junction Overlook
     + Antelope Ruin
     + Ledge Ruin
     + White House Ruin (2 views)
     + White House Overlook
El Morro National Monument
     + Inscription Rock
     + Box Canyon
     + Pool
     + Ruins
     + Kiva
Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument
     + Dwellings Interior (3 views)
     + Dwellings Exterior (2 views)
Mesa Verde National Park
     + Badger House: Basketmaker Pithouses
     + Badger House: Two Raven House
     + Badger House: Pueblo Village
     + Badger House: Badger House (2 views)
     + Balcony House: Back Passage
     + Balcony House: Southwest Rooms
     + Balcony House: Kivas
     + Balcony House: Northeast Rooms
     + Cedar Tree Tower and Kiva
     + Cliff Palace: Back Rooms (closed to the public)
     + Cliff Palace: Alcove (closed to the public)
     + Cliff Palace: Kiva Q (closed to the public)
     + Cliff Palace: Large Boulder
     + Cliff Palace: Round Tower (closed to the public)
     + Cliff Palace: Square Tower
     + Cliff Palace: Canyon View
     + Cliff Palace: Entry View
     + Cliff Palace: Overview from Above
     + Far View Complex: Far View Reservoir
     + Far View Complex: Far View Tower
     + Far View Complex: Far View House
     + Far View Complex: Coyote Village
     + Far View Complex: Pipe Shrine House
     + Long House: West Rooms
     + Long House: Plaza
     + Long House: North Rooms
     + Long House: Overview
     + Mug House: Overview
     + Mug House: Northern Rooms
     + Mug House: Central Rooms
     + Mug House: Southern Rooms
     + Mug House: Water Catchment Structure
     + Mug House: Adobe Cave
     + New Fire Temple
     + Oak Tree House: Kivas A & B
     + Oak Tree House: Kivas C & D
     + Spring House: Spring
     + Spring House: Northern Upper Alcove
     + Spring House: Central Upper Alcove
     + Spring House: Southern Upper Alcove
     + Spring House: Southern Block
     + Spring House: Kiva C
     + Spring House: Leaning Tower
     + Spring House: Overview
     + Square Tower House
     + Sun Temple
     + Spruce Tree House Kiva
     + Spruce Tree House North Rooms
     + Step House: Pithouses
     + Step House: Overview
     + Step House: Upper Level
     + Farming Terraces
     + Fire Temple

Montezuma Castle National Monument
     + Montezuma Castle: Top Floor
     + Montezuma Castle: Passageway
     + Montezuma Castle: Side Room
     + Montezuma Castle: Center View
     + Montezuma Castle: Creek View
     + Montezuma Castle: Entrance
     + Castle A
     + Overview
Montezuma Well National Monument
     + Overlook
     + Ruins
     + Irrigation Canal
Navajo National Monument
     + Keet Seel: Kiva
     + Keet Seel: Canyon View
     + Keet Seel: South Rooms
     + Keet Seel: Overview
     + Keet Seel: Retaining Wall
     + Keet Seel: Upper Rooms
     + Sandal Trail Overlook
     + Tsegi Canyon Overlook
     + Betatakin: Canyon View
     + Betatakin: Lower Front Rooms
     + Betatakin: Upper Rooms
     + Betatakin: Overview
Hovenweep National Monument
     + Cutthroat Castle (2 views)
     + Hackberry
     + Horseshoe
     + Square Tower: Hovenweep Castle
     + Square Tower: Twin Towers
     + Square Tower: Unit Type House
     + Square Tower: Stronghold House
     + Cajon
Natural Bridges National Monument
     + Horsecollar Ruin
     + Rooms
     + Overlook
Petrified Forest National Park
     + Puerco Pueblo
     + Agate House
Pecos National Historic Park
     + Mission Overview (2 views)
     + Mission Altar
     + North Pueblo
Grand Canyon National Park
     + Nankoweap
     + Unkar Delta
     + Unkar Ruins
     + Walhalla Glades Ruins
     + Tusayan Ruins Kiva
     + Tusayan Ruins Rooms
Salinas Pueblo Missions National Park
     + Abo: Sanctuary
     + Abo: Baptistry
     + Abo: Overview
     + Abo: Kiva
     + Gran Quivera: Ambulatorio
     + Gran Quivera: Second Church
     + Gran Quivera: Patio
     + Gran Quivera: Coral
     + Gran Quivera: Las Humanas
     + Gran Quivera: First Church
     + Gran Quivera: Pueblo Kiva
     + Quarai Ruins: Inside Church
     + Quarai Ruins: Church Entrance
     + Quarai Ruins: Square Kiva
     + Quarai Ruins: South Convento
     + Quarai Ruins: Overview
Tonto National Monument
     + Lower Dwellings: South Rooms View
     + Lower Dwellings: Valley View
     + Lower Dwellings: North Rooms View
     + Lower Dwellings: Overview
     + Upper Dwellings: Back of Alcove
     + Upper Dwellings: East Rooms
     + Upper Dwellings: Overview
     + Upper Dwellings: Inner Room
     + Upper Dwellings: Entrance
Tuzigoot National Monument
     + Dwelling Entrance
     + Inner Room
     + Upper Views (2 views)
     + Lower View
Walnut Canyon National Park
     + Corner Ruin
     + Ruin Interior
     + Overview
Wupatki National Monument
     + Box Canyon
     + Nalakihu Pueblo
     + Citdel Pueblo
     + Lomaki Pueblo (2 views)
     + Wukoki Pueblo (2 views)
     + Wupatki: Pueblo Rooms (2 views)
     + Wupatki: Overview
     + Wupatki: Community Room
     + Wupatki: Ballcourt (2 views)

About the Southwest United States National Parks and Monuments:
The land of the southwestern United States holds a spectacular and sacred history. In this land, ancient cultures dating back more than 3,000 years built incredible dwellings to support their cultures. The Ancestral Puebloans, Hohokam, Mogollon, Sinagua, and Salado peoples each created unique dwellings reflecting their own specific spiritual, cultural, and agricultural practices. Cliff dwellings, pithouses, kivas, multi-story structures, canals, diversion dams, and farming terraces are just a few types of structures built hundreds of years ago.

Preserved by the arid climate of the area, the remaining architecture of these dwellings are a window into the past. Through this window the lifestyles, spiritual practices, and changes that took place over the course of hundreds of years can be observed. Much has been discovered, but despite research by archeologists and knowledge from present-day descendants, much is still unknown about the sites and the peoples that once inhabited them.

Thousands of dwellings and sites exist throughout the Southwest. The National Park Service manages and provides public access to many of them in cooperation with American Indians and Native authorities. Over twenty National Park Service sites are presented here for exploration in this unique format.

Learn More About the Parks and Monuments:
To learn more about the parks visit the National Park Service website at:

Special thanks to:

This program was developed with the assistance of the National Park Service, the Western National Parks Association, and the Mesa Verde Museum Association. Special thanks to the interpretive staff of the National Park Service for ensuring the accuracy of all interpretive content provided in this program.

Interpretive Virtual Tour Testimonialss
"As a computer specialist for Mesa Verde National Park, I was surprised the park did not have more hands-on or interactive programs for visitors when I joined the park in 2001. Most of the exhibits contain historical artifacts behind glass, which is great for displaying items to our visitors. The technology era we now live in supports so much more for people to see and do when they vacation. The 360 degree exhibit Four Chambers installed at the Far View Visitor Center assists Mesa Verde National Park to provide an interactive medium for presenting important cultural resources of the park to our visitors. Especially to people who may not be able to attend live tours in the cliff dwellings. the 360 degree virtual tour application can take them there and provide essential interpretive information about cultural resources of the park. In my opinion, the virtual tours are a great way to expand our visitation to Mesa Verde."

--Flint Boardman
Mesa Verde National Park


Four Chambers Studio LLC