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360 National Park Panoramic Photograph - Grand Canyon Plateau Point
Grand Canyon - Plateau Point
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Once you've explored the canyon virtually, find one of the many different
Grand Canyon tours available online and start planning your trip today!

Did you know?
Over 5 million people a year visit the Grand Canyon, but less than 5% are fortunate enough to travel by river to experience sites such as Elves Chasm, Deer Spring, Redwall Cavern, and the Inner Gorge.

Grand Canyon Virtual Tour on CDROM
The Next Best Thing to Exploring the Canyon in Person

Explore the Grand Canyon Like Never Before!

Tour includes over 75 interactive 360 degree panoramic views of more than 400 miles of rim and below-the-rim trails and the Colorado River corridor! Includes 3D trail maps, interpretive text, zoom links, glossary items, and bonus features!

Includes disparate locations and hard-to-reach vistas
See Cape Royal, Point Imperial, and the Walhalla Overlook on the North Rim, and Plateau Point and Yavapai Point on the South Rim. See full list below.

Explore a Various Ancient Dwellings and Historical Structures Within the Park
Explore Phantom Ranch Ruins, the Tusayan Ruins, and sites at the Unkar Delta. Historical structures include the Desert View Watchtower, Hermit's Rest, the Kolb Studio, and the Kaibab Suspension Bridge.

Pan and zoom to explore each panorama! Travel through the parks using the interactive maps and images on this Virtual Tour! Plays on your computer. Mac and PC compatible.

Grand Canyon Virtual Tour CDROM - Interpretive Program
Explore difficult to reach sites in Grand Canyon such as...
Elves Chasm Redwall Cavern
Elves Chasm in Grand Canyon Redwall Cavern in Grand Canyon
Deer Spring Inner Gorge
Deer Sprign in Grand Canyon Inner Gorge in Grand Canyon

Featured sites include...

Rim to Rim Trail Area
     + North Kaibab Trail
     + Bright Angel Creek
     + Cottonwood Campground
     + Ribbon Falls Approach
     + Ribbon Falls Close-Up
     + Splash Pool
     + The Box
     + Trail View
     + Plateau Point
     + Inner Gorge
     + Tonto Trail
     + Side Trail
     + Indian Garden Campground
North Rim Area
     + Walhalla Overlook
     + Walhalla Ruins
     + Angels Window from Side
     + Angels Window
     + Cape Royal
     + Unkar Ruins
     + Unkar Delta
Upper North Rim Area
     + Point Imperial
     + Forest Meadow
     + Greenland Lake
     + Roosevelt Point
     + Nankoweap
     + Malgosa Canyon
     + Little Colorado Confluence
Lower Coloardo River Area
     + Deer Creek Trail Sites
     + Deer Spring
     + Stone Creek Falls
     + Deer Creek Falls
     + Matkatamiba
     + Havasu Canyon Trail
     + Havasu Creek
     + Blacktail Canyon
     + Bass Camp
     + Bass Trail
     + Elves Chasm
Colorado River Crossing Area
     + Indian Garden Camground
     + Tonto Trail
     + Side Trail
     + Plateau Point
     + Bright Angel Bridge
     + Pipe Creek Bridge
     + Creek Footbridge
     + Kaibab Bridge
     + Boat Beach Archeological Site (Closed to Public)
     + The Box

 Marble Canyon Area
     + Lees Ferry
     + Navajo Bridge
     + House Rock Rapids
     + North Canyon
     + Marble Canyon
     + Redwall Cavern
     + Redwall Cavern Inside
Toroweap Area
     + Toroweap Overlook
     + Lava Falls Overlook
     + Lava Falls
     + Whitmore Trail
Desert View Area
     + Desert View Tower - Upper Gallery
     + Desert View Tower - Hopi Room
     + Desert View Tower - Roof Terrace
     + Desert View Tower - 2 Viewpoints
     + Desert View Tower - Unkar Ruins
     + Desert View Tower - Unkar Delta
     + Desert View Tower - Lipan Point
Grand Canyon Village Area
     + Kolb Studio
     + Yavapai Point
     + Mather Point
     + Yaki Point
     + El Tovar / Hopi House
     + Lookout Studio
     + Bright Angel Trailhead
     + Indian Garden Campground
     + Plateau Point
     + Tonto Trail
     + Side Trail
     + Inner Gorge
     + The Box
     + Trail View
     + Splash Pool
     + North Kaibab Trail
     + Bright Angel Creek
     + Cottonwood Campground
     + Ribbon Falls Approach
     + Ribbon Falls Close-Up
East South Rim Area
     + Grand View Point
     + Lipan Point
     + Little Colorado Confluence
     + Tusayan Ruins Kiva
     + Tusayan Ruins Living Quarters
West South Rim Area
     + Hermits Rest
     + Pima Point
     + Mohave Point
     + The Abyss
     + Hopi Point
     + Powell Point
     + Maricopa Point

About Grand Canyon National Park:
Get weather updates, maps, trail information, and more by visiting the National Park Service Website at:

Support the park through the Grand Canyon Association:
Visit the GCA website to learn about memberships, programs, events, and opportunities at:

Shop at the GCA’s Books & More Online Store:
Visit the online store to find a complete collection of Grand Canyon books, gifts, maps, and more at:

Register for Classes at the Grand Canyon Field Institute:
Visit the GCFI website to learn more and register for a variety of classes, focusing on cultural history, natural history, women’s groups, photography, arts, and wilderness studies at:

Rim to Rim Photographs:
The photographs from the Bright Angel and North Kaibab Trails were taken during one of the Grand Canyon Field Institute’s Rim to Rim Backpacking class. Special thanks to Jack Pennington, trip leader, and GCFI. To learn more visit:

River & Lower Trails Photographs:
The photographs from the Colorado River and lower trails were made possible by the generous support of OARS Adventure Rafting Company. Special thanks to George Wendt, Steve Markle, and Nancy Redfern. To learn more visit:

Special thanks to:

    + OARS for providing access to the Colordo River and the Canyon
        through their amazing Grand Canyon rafting trips.
    + The Grand Canyon Field Institute for providing the Rim to Rim class with Jack Pennington.
    + The Grand Canyon Association for support during the development of this Grand Canyon tour.
    + The National Park Service for reviewing and verifying the accuracy of content of the tour.

Interpretive Virtual Tour Testimonialss
"Your 360 degree product has been one of the most outstanding products to come along in a very long time. Your product provides visitors to the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park an opportunity to view areas of the inner canyon that most would never have the opportunity to view in person. This added perspective helps people to understand the diversity of this resource and adds value to their educational experience. As educators in support of this world-class resource, we applaud the quality of your product and would like to thank you for its development."

- Brad Wallis
Former Executive Director, Grand Canyon Association


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