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Interpretive Tours of National Parks and Monuments

What do you do when an area of the park is closed to the public or is not handicapped accessible? You take a Ranger-Led Virtual Tour.

At a number of National Parks and Monuments, National Park Service Rangers have use our Interpretive Virtual Tours as a tool to provide access to difficult to reach locations.

Displayed on large plasma screens, the interpretive programs allow the rangers and visitors to instantly travel through the park. The interactive tools allow the ranger and visitors to move around in each location, and zoom in and out of features within each scene. For many people, limited by time, money, or physical ability, this type of tour provides a valuable alternative.

Rangers at Montezuma Castle prepare to present a tour of Montezuma Castle to visitors.
Rangers at Montezuma Castle prepare to present a tour of Montezuma Castle to visitors.
At Mesa Verde National Park...
Rangers and staff have used two plasma screen displays to provide interpretive information to visitors to the park. For tour-desk staff, a plasma screen display located nearby allows visitors to preview their tour of Cliff Palace, Balcony House, Spruce Tree House, and Long House. Visitors who are physically unable to reach these sites can use the plasma screen display on their own or in conjunction with a ranger who may guide them through the sites on the screen.

At Montezuma Castle National Monument...
Rangers use a plasma screen display in the visitor center to conduct informal tours of Montezuma Castle. The Castle is the central feature of the park, however visitors are not allowed inside the protected structure. In October 2004, our crew photographed six sites inside the Castle with the approval and assistance of the National Park Service. Rangers now use the 360 Degrees of Ancient Dwellings program to show and educate visitors about the Castle and why it is protected.

At Dry Tortugas National Park...
National Park Service Ranger Mike Ryan leads virtual tours of various off-limits areas of Fort Jefferson and the keys of Dry Tortugas National Park. Areas of the park that are closed to the public include the inside of Garden Key Lighthouse, the inside of Loggerhead Lighthouse, Hospital Key, Bush Key and Long Key (during nesting season), the inside of a casemate cistern, and many other sites on the islands.

At Carlsbad Caverns National Park...
Rangers have the 360 Degrees of Carlsbad Caverns program installed on the theatre projection system. In the theatre, Rangers can lead tours of locations in the Cavern where visitors cannot go due to physical limitations. The Slaugther Canyon Cave Tour, Lower Cave Tour, and others offered at the park require a moderate to high level of fitness and are not handicapped accessible. For those visitors, the Rangers are now beginning to provide a new way for them to experience the wonders of the Cavern. In the near future, the virtual tour will include caves that are simply not open to the public regardless of physical ability, such as the Bell Cord Room.
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Interpretive Virtual Tour Testimonialss
"This is the most innovative interpretive tool that I have seen. Never before have visitors been able to stand in the midst of the nation's only important Sooty Tern colony, explore Fort Jefferson's darkest secrets, or climb two hundred steps to the top of an active lighthouse. Our visitors love it."

- Mike T. Ryan
Chief Interpretive Ranger, Dry Tortugas National Park


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