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Interpretive Tours of National Parks and Monuments

Every National Park and Monument offers Interpretive Tours to visitors, usually by National Park Service Rangers. So what could be better than that? The answer...nothing! If you have the opportunity and ability to visit the Parks in person, we strongly encourage you to do so - and to schedule time for a Ranger Led Interpretive Tour.

Unfortunately, we know that many people simply do not have the time, financial means, and in many cases,the physical ability to see all the natural and historical sites that are protected in the National Parks and Monuments. That's why we are here creating Interpretive Virtual Tours of Parks & Monuments for you to enjoy.

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Ranger Led Virtual Tour at Montezuma Castle National Monument
Interpretive Virtual Tour Exhibit at Yavapai Observation Station from the Grand Canyon
Collaboration with NPS photographing Carlsbad Caverns National Park
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About the Interpretive Virtual Tours:
Each 360 Degree Virtual Tour program provides the an experience that is similar to physically being at each location featured in the National Parks and Monuments that we have worked with. The programs contain a series of 360 Degree Interactive Panoramic Photographs (also know as QuicktimeVR movies). These unique photographs allow you to control the camera and look in any direction you choose; up, down, left, or right. It also includes telephoto and wide-angle features, allowing you to 'zoom' in and out through in the picture. Combined with interactive maps, interpretive text, interactive features of the program, and historic photographs, the program provides you with a unique set of tools to explore and learn about each park and site.

Features of the Interpretive Virtual Tour Program:
     + All programs have been reviewed and verified for accuracy by the National Park Service.
     + Each program includes complete 360 degree interactive panoramic photographs. (QuicktimeVR)
     + Interactive Trail and Area maps are provided.
     + Interpretive text is included for every view.
     + Glossary links within text provide additional interpretive information.
     + Zoom links allow you to click on a feature in the text and automatically zoom the camera to that         feature in the panorama.
     + Free Bonus Screensaver is included with 15 to 20 photographs and interpretive text.
     + Free Quicktime Plug-in is provided.
     + Free Technical Support is provided.

About the Photography & Process:
Each 360 degree photograph is assembled from a series of 38 separate digital images. Using specialized equipment, the photographs are sequentially captured, digitally "stitched" together, and then converted to Apple's QuickTimeVR™ format, allowing you to control the camera view within this program.

  The above photographs show the unstitched and stitched version of the Balcony House 360 degree panorama from the Interpretive Program 360 Degrees of Mesa Verde National Park and 360 Degrees of Ancient Dwellings of the Southwest.


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