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Bepadobede - Wind Cave National Park
Bepadobede - Wind Cave National Park

Wind Cave & Jewel Cave Virtual Tour on CDROM
Explore Sites Made Accessible Through a Collaboration with NPS

Explore Wind and Jewel Caves Like Never Before!

Explore 83 fully illuminated or naturally lit 360 degree panoramic views of Wind Cave and Jewel Cave, including areas on the surface and underground that are not handicapped accessible. See 3D cave maps, interpretive text, zoom links, glossary items, and bonus features.

Includes Areas Closed to the Public!
Explore sites in Jewel Cave and Wind Cave that are not on any tours...and are very difficult to reach!

Pan and zoom to explore each panorama! Travel through the park and surrounding areas using the interactive maps and images on this Virtual Tour! Plays on your computer. Mac and PC compatible.

360 Degrees of Wind Cave and Jewel Cave - Virtual Tour on CDROM

Explore sites not accessible to the public such as...
Bepadobede Room Southern Comfort
Bepadobede Room Southern Comfort
Crystal Display King Kong's Cage
Crystal Display King Kong's Cage

Sites included on the program include the following:

Wind Cave National Park:
     + American Elk
     + Assembly Room
     + Bachelors Quarters
     + Beaver Creek
     + Beaver Creek Cliffs
     + Bepadobede Room
     + Bison Flats Prairie Dog Town
     + Bison Reintroduction
     + Blue Grotto
     + Boland Ridge 1
     + Boland Ridge 2
     + Cathedral
     + Chamber De Norcutte
     + Chimera Room
     + Club Room North
     + Club Room South
     + Coliseum
     + Council Chamber
     + Devil's Lookout
     + Eastern Star Room
     + Elk Mountain
     + Elks Room
     + Fairgrounds
     + Figure Eight Room
     + Garden of Eden
     + Gobbler Knob East
     + Half-Mile Hall
     + Highland Creek Trail
     + Highland Creek Ridge
     + Lakeside Sceneries
     + Lone Pine Point
     + Mermaids Rest
     + Model Room
     + Natural Entrance
     + Northwest Territories
     + Muddle Room
     + Pearly Gates
     + The Pebble
     + Pigtail Bridge
     + The Post Office
     + Prairie Restoration
     + Pringle Prairie Dog Town
     + Quarry Ridge
     + Rankin Ridge Tower Exterior
     + Rankin Ridge Tower Interior
     + Red Valley
     + Rome
     + Rookery
     + Side of Highland Creek Ridge
     + Snowball Hall
     + Southern Comfort
     + Standing Rock Chamber
     + Tabernacle
     + Temple
     + Union College
     + W.C.T.U. Hall
     + Windy Point

Jewel Cave National Monument:
     + Bacon Drapery
     + Boxwork
     + Bush's Cave
     + Canyon Junction
     + Crystal Display
     + Formation Room
     + Hell Canyon
     + Hell's Half Acre
     + Historic Ranger Cabin
     + Inner Sanctum
     + Jewel Cave Entrance
     + King Kong's Cage
     + Messanine
     + New Wet Room
     + Picnic Area
     + Reservoir Hill
     + Rosette Room
     + S-Curve
     + Target Room
     + Torture Room
     + U.S. Highway 16
     + Visitor Center Roof
     + Visitor Center Front
     + Walk on the Roof Trail

360 Degrees of Wind Cave and Jewel Cave National Park makes these distant or difficult-to-access locations accessible to teachers, students, and park service personnel. The interpretive program makes it possible to explore and learn about sites that people want to visit but cannot, either due to distance, weather, lack of accessibility, or simply because some sites are always closed to the public. However, if you have had the pleasure of visiting the National Park in person, the 360 Degree Virtual Tour is a terrific way to share your experience with friends and family. We help you take nature home!

About Wind Cave National Park:
One of the world's longest and most complex caves, 28,295 acres of mixed-grass prairie, ponderosa pine forest, and wildlife are the main features of the park. The cave is known for its outstanding display of boxwork, an unusual cave formation composed of thin calcite fins resembling honeycombs. The park's mixed-grass prairie is one of the few remaining, and is home to bison, elk, pronghorn, mule deer, coyotes, and prairie dogs. For directions, maps and other information about Wind Cave National Park and the surrounding area, visit the website at:

About Jewel Cave National Monument:
At 139 miles, Jewel Cave is the second longest cave in the world. It is filled with calcite crystals and other wonders that make up the "jewels" of Jewel Cave National Monument. As of June, 2007, the length of Jewel Cave is 139.32 miles. For directions, maps and other information about Jewel Cave National Monument and the surrounding area, visit the website at:

About Black Hills Parks & Forests Association:
The Black Hills Parks and Forests Association cooperates with state and federal partner agencies in promoting public understanding, appreciation, and stewardship of the Black Hills’ natural and cultural heritage. To learn more, visit the website at:

NPS Staff Photographers:
Thanks to Rene Ohms, Marc Ohms, and Jason Walz.

NPS Staff and Volunteer Lighting Assistants:
Thanks to Andy Armstrong, Bonny Armstrong, Sue Bennett, Lee-Gray Boze, Allen Epps, Autumn Ela, Tom Farrell, Tonia Foster, Rod Horrocks, Bill Koncerak, Cheryl Mayer, Erin Niedringhaus, Marc Ohms, Rene Ohms, Tim Sauder, Larry Shaffer, Nick Smith, Daryl Stisser, Shawn Thomas, Jason Walz and Eric Zimmer.

Interpretive Text and Additional Images:
Thanks to Tom Farrell, Rod Horrocks, Rene Ohms, Darren Ressler, Ken Steinken and Mike Wiles for compiling the interpretive text for each panorama. Additional glossary item images provided by: Roger Harris, Derrick Marohn, David Schnute, Jason Walz and Derek Wolfe.

Special Thanks:
This project would not have been possible without the assistance of National Park Service staff members Tom Farrell, Rod Horrocks, Linda Stoll, Todd Suess, and Mike Wiles. Thanks also to Steve Baldwin at the Black Hills Parks & Forest Association for his help and support. Finally, thanks to John and Pat Scheltens.

Interpretive Virtual Tour Testimonialss
"As a computer specialist for Mesa Verde National Park, I was surprised the park did not have more hands-on or interactive programs for visitors when I joined the park in 2001. Most of the exhibits contain historical artifacts behind glass, which is great for displaying items to our visitors. The technology era we now live in supports so much more for people to see and do when they vacation. The 360 degree exhibit Four Chambers installed at the Far View Visitor Center assists Mesa Verde National Park to provide an interactive medium for presenting important cultural resources of the park to our visitors. Especially to people who may not be able to attend live tours in the cliff dwellings. The 360 degree virtual tour application can take them there and provide essential interpretive information about cultural resources of the park. In my opinion, the virtual tours are a great way to expand our visitation to Mesa Verde."

--Flint Boardman
Mesa Verde National Park


Four Chambers Studio LLC